what every homeless person needs

from a friend:
  1. somewhere to be
  2. something to do
  3. somebody who cares
  4. to find or replace what was lost

15 thoughts on “what every homeless person needs”

  1. from a friend:

    1. somewhere to be
    2. something to do
    3. somebody who cares
    4. to find or replace what was lost

    What every homeless person needs, of course, but not necessarily what every homeless person wants to work to achieve. The obvious common denominator of the homeless is that, indeed, they are homeless. But that aside I can line up 10 homeless people and each will have a different tale to tell. They will tell you how they want to straighten up thier life but if you were to give them 20 bucks the very first place they would head to would be the crack dealer. The homeless that have been on the streets for years are hard core veterans and are almost content with thier plight in life, the ones you need to get help for are the young kids and the mentally ill.

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  2. Beau, as always, thanks for commenting and sharing your perspective.

    I must say that of the hundreds of homeless people I’ve met over the past eight or so years, I’ve yet to meet one who is “content” with his or her situation.

    And I believe that we need to help everyone. But you probably already knew that. 😉

  3. “the ones who need help are the kids and the mentally ill.” Well if substance abuse doesn’t mean anything about mental illness, then what does it stand for? Does it stand by it self as a big or worst sin then the rest? I have to agree with Cara Michele, everyone needs help regardless how long they have been out there. There is always hope that the hardcore individuals will come out of their situation!

  4. My brother has been homeless for the last eight years – I tried to help several times but the more I tried to help the more he stole from me and my family and in the end he always takes off and with whatever he can take.
    Last night he phoned from the subway station (this is the first contact in 2 years) he had taken a bus in from another town, my husband and I picked him up and brought him to our home – he is now 30 years old and an alcoholic homeless man who uses Listerine to control the withdrawal seizures that he takes. The problem is I don’t have the money for a high end rehab facility that will intervene the situation and the detox centers available at no charge will not force him to stay there – and he does not want help. I am worried that my brother is lost forever and he will wind up with liver failure due to this disease – he left my home today to go downtown Toronto to find alcohol – I could not continue to administer it to him – my options were give him a bottle of booze and let him get drunk and irate and then we kick him out or let him go down town and find his booze and drink it down there – all options end up with him drinking alcohol on the streets living in shelters and never maintaining a normal life again. He did hold a stable job for 4 years after high school and is a high school graduate – he started smoking crack – lost his job and apartment and stole from everyone who tried to help. The Crack smoking turned into what ever substance that would ease the crack addiction and the alcohol is a result of whatever substance addiction he is now trying to quit which I believe he said is opium – he would be better of getting arrested and spending a year in jail to dry out or sober up – there is no help and this is a vicious cycle that he cannot get out of.

  5. Dear Liz,

    I have an uncle that sounds similar. I hope and pray that your brother will want to break free from his sin and bondage. I think of my uncle the same way. God Bless.

  6. why dont you post a list of what every homeless person needs literally (a blanket, a beanie, pocket change, pocket knife, swiss army knife, library card, a best friend, bike/skateboard, etc whatever everyone thinks)

  7. i’m homeless and i dont drink or do crack, thier are so many homeless people and yes are storys are not the same, but Danny just turn your head
    and keep telling people that crack = homeless!
    and help i need(i worked 35 years as a die maker)but not yours!
    hope life is good, and prey it stays that way!
    but i have to say, f your life!

  8. Homeless-yes I know what homeless is very much and thanks to perceptions of others its a label I never asked for or a life I did not cause to be . This country as never been for the people its for corruption and wealth that is why this country is hanging on by its finger nails now because of one single word:Greed! I have never run a multi-million dollar corporation but what is happening now is because of them -did you or I close down ,Hostess -or any other company ;answer: NO! Without the ability to earn correct wages then people can not afford to pay for inflation of products -Gasoline-utilities-food-shelter -when these items go up in price your hourly wage does not -does it- living on 1970s wages in the yr 2012 is unworkable it can not be done . But our dam Govt throws trillions away then puts the burden on the general public to pay that debt back -it will not be done . Dont ever say that someone is homeless because of them and that they did not do enough ,your wrong – if that ever happens to you then you will know what I am saying and realize there are some people who have never had enough to keep from that situation .

  9. How can we worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore them on Monday! Imagine having nowhere to go. Nothing to do. Having no one who cares about you. Trying desperately to find or repair what you valued the most in life and lost. Who gives a job to someone who lives on the streets. Their license is taken by the police or stolen. They cannot even get benefits, because they have no ID, or money to get new ones. They have no clean clothes. No place to shower. No place to get to a job. They sleep on a bench in a park. They got a ticket which they can’t pay. They get a warrant. They then get arrested and go to jail. It shows up on their job background check. Sorry we can’t hire you.

    Being homeless is lonely. You make a living by what you make. You make a life by what you give. God will care less on what you owned. Your career level. How much money you made. He wants to know if you used all your given talents for good. If you really cared. God only approves on looking down on someone on 1 condition. You must be helping them up!

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