Leslie’s House for homeless women

Shelter beds for homeless women in Greensboro are limited, and we don’t have a women’s-only homeless shelter. But High Point does, and I refer women there regularly. It’s called Leslie’s House.

From News & Record, 05/27/2008:

“The charming two-story house on West English Road has everything.

New appliances. Gleaming hardwood floors. Spotless carpets. Even a white picket fence. Sitting on the plush leather couch in the large living room, admiring the paintings that line the walls, it’s easy to imagine any upwardly mobile American family living here.

But the family that lives here is different. They are all women, all single and all homeless.

They call it Leslie’s House, and since opening in January it’s been home to as many as 22 homeless women a night — giving them shelter, dignity and a sense of community…”

Contact: Leslie’s House, High Point, (336) 884-1039

10 thoughts on “Leslie’s House for homeless women”

  1. Leslie’s House really is a jewel of a place – took someone there last month, and Kim went in with her to get her settled. Kim said you could see the delight on our friend’s face as she saw what a beautiful and safe place she had to stay in.

  2. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and love!
    We can not make the shelter a true safe haven without the community’s support!!

    Cara M is awesome!!!

  3. Just wanted to say that Leslie’s house is a great place, I was there last year after a “christian” friend booted me out while i was visiting. let me stay there and gave me hope to keep going. became a christian after my stay there at Leslie’s house. Thank you for all you do,
    Haley from Minnesota

  4. My name is stephanie Galbreath and I am homeless. I live with my daughter right now but I cannot stay there for long because she lives in low income housing. I do not have a job and no money I need help I am at the end of my rope as far as living is concerned my mother passed away in July and I have taken it very hard. I feel very low and I cannot talk to anyone in my family because they will not understand so I have kept everything bottled up inside of me. I am not use to asking anyone for help so this is very hard for me to do. If someone could contact me at 910-334-7819 I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. I went to Leslie’s House in need of a place to stay for a while and I really had a bad experience. Someone stole my cell phone and my issue wasn’t addressed correctly and I was asked too leave the premises. And would not recommed people to that location never.

  6. Hi, are you aware of any govnt programs for women who are homeless and addicted? I have a freind in Greensboro and I’m afraid I’m going to loose her soon if I don’t try to help.

  7. Nick, here are some options: Mary’s House (focused on homeless women, moms with children), Tabitha Ministry (focused on women coming from addiction, prison re-entry and abuse), Freedom House (focused on moms and their children), Hannah’s Haven (recovery for women) and Daymark (Guilford County residential treatment center). I hope this helps!

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