Homeless, pregnant and panhandling

This is a photo of a homeless, pregnant friend of mine, flying a sign at a busy Greensboro intersection on a cold winter afternoon.  The sign reads:

Lost Job. Pregnant. Homeless. Hungry. Anything helps! God bless!

She and her husband are expecting a baby in a couple of months. They have a camp under a bridge and they sometimes sleep on a relative’s couch when the nights get too cold. They’re on a waiting list for a government housing voucher. She recently lost a job and both are looking for employment.  She had an interview this week and is waiting to hear back.  I hope she gets the job.

I’ve known them for at least five years, and I know some of the struggles they face.  I love them both.  I’d love to see them inside, in their own place, before the baby is born.  But my friend said to me today, while she took a break from holding her sign,

“Being homeless and pregnant’s not a priority for getting housing anymore.  There’s too many people in need now.”

A sad reality.

26 thoughts on “Homeless, pregnant and panhandling”

  1. I am 27 weeks pregnant and sadly homeless. I hold a full time and part time job. I cant afford housing and have been turned away from every shelter in my area because i was pregnant and working i cant meet the 5 pm deadline to arrive. Im in dallas texas if abyone knows.of a place or anythingit would be of great help

  2. why dont you help your friends? by providing they a safe place to stay, at least until she or her husband get the job…

  3. Im homeless single and pregnant now living with parents but no space in this house and everytime she screams and says that her life would be easier with us (her children) So im looking to get help so I can leave go to school and work for a better environment for my new born

  4. My fiance is pregnant and we are homeless and I’m doing my best to provide for her but I know I’m screwed. We need a stable place and I need a stable job. I’m really scared but I can’t show it. What do I do?

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