Greensboro Burrito Bikers: One year of feeding the homeless

On a Sunday morning in late October 2009, Hayes Holderness headed out on his bicycle with a backpack full of hot egg, sausage, cheese, and hash brown burritos, to provide breakfast to residents of a homeless tent city, and thus, Greensboro Burrito Bikers was born. Soon, other riders joined him, and throughout the winter, they served about 20 homeless people every Sunday morning at various camp sites.

In an effort to serve more homeless and hungry people, the group eventually moved to a stationary location in downtown Greensboro, and now, as Greensboro Burrito Bikers nears its one-year anniversary, Holderness and a team of volunteers are feeding 40-50 people on Saturday mornings at 8:00 a.m. on the sidewalk outside of Center City Park at the intersection of Friendly Avenue and Davie Street.  (Update from Hayes: Burrito Bikers fed 65+ people on Saturday, October 23rd!)

Holderness was inspired to begin this feeding ministry after riding along with his brother Tommy’s Burrito Bikers group in Charlotte. After his niece rode with the Greensboro group this past winter, she started a Burrito Bikers group in Chapel Hill, and they’re already making news (here and here).

As Greensboro Burrito Bikers continues to grow and serve more homeless people, they welcome and need volunteers and donors.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Making breakfast burritos (can be made during the week and frozen)
  • Coming out on Saturday mornings to serve and spend time with homeless and hungry breakfast guests

Donate breakfast items:

  • Breakfast burritos (or other filling main item, such as breakfast sandwiches/biscuits with eggs and/or meat)
  • Bottled water
  • Coffee, cups, sugar, creamer
  • Bananas
  • Snack crackers
  • Financial donations (costs about $50 to serve 40 people)

To learn more about Greensboro Burrito Bikers, and how to volunteer and donate, visit their web site and join them on Facebook.

Update — Photos I took when I hung out with Burrito Bikers on 08/28/2010:

Can crack cocaine come through breast milk?

Image adapted from Sean Dreilinger’s original

A frequently asked question from visitors to this site:

Can crack cocaine come through breast milk?

And the answer? YES.

When a breast-feeding mom uses crack cocaine, she may pass the drug on to her baby through her breast milk, with serious effects:

“Convulsions have been seen both in infants of breast-feeding mothers using cocaine and in infants exposed to passive crack smoke inhalation. Because cocaine and its metabolites can be found in breast milk for up to 60 hours after use, breast-feeding is not recommended.”

~ p. 225, “Drug abuse and withdrawal”, S Schechner, Manual of Neonatal Care, Philadelphia, 2004

Drinking crack-cocaine-tainted breast milk can severely damage a baby, and in some cases, may lead to death. (More here.)

Addicted moms? Get help: Find a treatment program or find an NA meeting.

What’s on your t-shirt?

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