Housing suggestions for homeless family in Greensboro

We got an email through the StreetWatch web site asking for housing suggestions for a homeless family in Greensboro. I thought I’d share my answer here, too. Maybe it will help someone.

3 thoughts on “Housing suggestions for homeless family in Greensboro”

  1. I feel that we all need to help people that are facing homelessness. we all can become homeless at any point in our lives. we can all learn so much from the homeless. I love working at the IRC. It is one of the best jobs that I have ever had.

  2. I can’t wait to get into the new building, we are going to be able to help so many other people, and we are going to be so close to downtown that it is going to make things so much easier for our guests that we see, so that they will be able to get more things done for themselves.

  3. I think they should not discriminate against anyone seeking rapid rehousing or temporary housing. Those with a disabilities should also not be turned away or discriminated against. I am homeless as the results of Domestic Violence and many programs put in place either are no longer providing those services or unable to help. I have contacted Greensboro Guilford county and 5 surrounding counties for assistance for temp housing or help getting into an apt. I have been turned away from shelter woman shelters as well because I have a service dog when I inform them of ADA law they then tell me they are full anyways. I have a section voucher and because I have been refused housing as well I have lived in a hotel for a month in a half and now all of my savings and money is gone and I am moving out into my car. i do not even have money for gas what is in it is it. I cannot even pay for an application fee now and I have been working at this for 2 months. All I am asking is for assistance to rehouse me I found many places I just do not have the deposit or money to move. I have to wait for Section 8 to have my paper work ready then wait for an inspection so I am looking at living in my car for 2 months or more. Why is this when I have been trying I should not be denied housing because of my service dog and have excellent references no broken leases or money owed and no criminal record. Its sad so many are homeless and shouldn’t be

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