No shelter for disabled gunshot victim on dialysis

UPDATE, 10/24/12: Great news! Today, my friend is moving to a very nice nursing facility where he will be able to have rehabilitation for the injuries he sustained when he was shot. My understanding is that he can stay there for as long as he needs to. Thank you to all who prayed for him! God answers prayer! :)

After more than a decade of ministering to homeless people, I’m accustomed to difficult situations and heartbreaking stories, but this one stands out. Posted today on our StreetWatch homeless outreach team’s Facebook page [slightly edited for clarity]:

Please pray for a disabled homeless man on dialysis who’s in the hospital — he was a victim of a drive-by shooting — and has nowhere to go upon discharge. He also has multiple other serious health problems. He recently stayed at Greensboro Urban Ministry’s shelter, whose rules do not allow him to return for six months. (We have asked for an exemption because of his circumstances, but it was denied.) He was shot on the street, shortly after his time ended at the shelter.

He needs to be in Greensboro to continue his dialysis. Because of his health problems and safety needs, it would be very dangerous for him to try to sleep outside again. His multiple complicate the situation, and thus far, social workers have not been able to find a place for him to go when he leaves the hospital.

He is eligible for a housing voucher or supportive housing program, but we are unaware of any openings in these programs. He’s had a hard life and he’s in a hard situation. We believe that God makes a way where there’s no way, and I’ve been visiting him and praying that with and for him. Please pray that with us! Thank you, friends.

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  1. I am Homeless and it is a Shame that the U.S.A. GOVERNMENT don’t help it people, that needs it. If you are Middle class,or Rich, you get all kinds of help, but not us, we are the people that don’t count for anything. We have all these Government, things out there, that are to help us,but don’t. We can’t get them. If you get, any kind of income at all you don’t get , any help at all, that is the way, it all works for us. SHAME ON YOU,Federal Government,State Government,Towns,City’s,SHAME ON YOU.I remember when it use to be WE the People,did count for something,not now a day’s. Remember we might not count for much to any, Federal or State Government, but we do count, when it comes to GOD. Everyone who can help, but don’t ,you are going to have to account for your actions to GOD.I will pray for you because you need it more than ,We DO.

  2. Vicky, his health care is being provided through government assistance because of his disabilities and income eligibility. He is income-qualified for housing programs, but there are no spaces available in the programs that he’s eligible for. This man is one of a number of disabled homeless people I’ve known who fall through the cracks of our homeless services system. The need for homeless services is increasing in our community at a time when funding has been cut in some areas. There isn’t enough shelter or housing available to meet the demand. Creative solutions are needed. I would personally like to see the faith community become more involved in addressing the needs. And I believe that there are times when “the rules” need to be revisited. The first priority of all homeless service providers should be to meet the needs of the people they are being paid to serve. The most vulnerable among those should go to the front of the line. And if the rules are harming more than they are helping, then the rules need to be changed.

  3. Come on Faith Community!

    I am praying about this in Texas. I am seeing amazing outpouring of love, help, and resources in some dire circumstances here in Texas right now. I am talking about some very uncommon sacrificial giving to the needy (not homeless in this case). But the level of care I am seeing really opens up my imagination. I am sure that if there is any real love in the community of faith, then this need will be met with overwhelming care!

    Keep up the good work there….

    Agent X

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