Holey boots and gratitude

I posted this on Facebook tonight…

I have a pair of fake Uggs that I love, but I’ve worn them out. They have big holes in the soles of both boots. The shearling lining is super-warm, though, so I wear them around the house. Today, I had to take two homeless friends to an appointment and I forgot to change shoes before I left. My feet promptly got wet in the rain. After the appointment, we went back to the tent city, where I had to step through mud and water puddles. My boots, socks and feet were thoroughly soaked and I was soon shivering and freezing, even though I was wearing a heavy coat. What a miserable feeling! I’m just now changing into dry socks and another pair of boots. I’m chilled all the way through. This is horrible. And it’s reality for some homeless people all the time, except that they have nothing clean and dry to change into and no heated house to warm up in. Reality check. Grateful.

One comment on “Holey boots and gratitude

  1. Bill January 15, 2013 9:30 pm

    I’ve been working outside a lot today in the steady cold rain. I’ve been dealing with our farm animals who are suffering in it. It is heartbreaking to think of all the people who have no warm dry place to go tonight. Thanks for the reminder.

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