Video: Greensboro day center opens doors for homeless artist

Shannon, with his art, at the IRC

A homeless artist speaks about art at the IRC:

“…of all the resources we have here, I think the most important to me, that got me where I’m at, is my art, because I’ve always been able to draw but I never really had anybody who focused on how good, and pushed me as much as Liz. Liz saw that I liked the art and she just opened plenty doors for me for people that I never would have known. I sell a little bit, not a whole lot, but just to have people even wanting to spend a penny on it is like, ‘Man, I can do this!’… it helped me help myself…”

Beautiful. Thank you to IRC Director Liz Seymour and to all the people — staff, volunteers, donors, supporters — who’ve come together to create the Interactive Resource Center, a place of hope for homeless people.

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