Think Before You Help: “Walking a Mile: How We Help Matters”

All help is not created equal. Before you help the homeless, consider this:

Earlier this year First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., collected 700 pairs of shoes for a local homeless shelter. People came forward and placed their shoes on the altar, with many going home in socks or bare feet.

What an incredible outpouring of generosity from a church working to make a difference in their community. High fives all around.

It’s great to hear stories like this, but sometimes you start to ask questions:

  • That’s a lot of shoes. I wonder if the homeless shelter was equipped to handle the storage and distribution of that many shoes?
  • How would you distribute that many shoes?
  • Did they have the right sizes?
  • What kind of shoes do you buy for a homeless person? Sturdy, comfortable walking shoes for being on your feet all day, or dress shoes to complete an interview outfit?
  • Are shoes really what the shelter needed most? What if instead of shoes, those 700 people donated $20 each. $14,000 could go a long way. Or what if all 700 people volunteered? What does that shelter really need?

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