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my story, by melissa gayle

Guest post, by Melissa Gayle:

you don’t know my story, only bits and pieces, i treat homelessness like its my main thesis. I’ve walked in those shoes, I’ve slept on those streets, i used to be chronically homeless,and ppl looked at me like i was a disease.that was me, you used to pass on that block, tipping up that forty, to keep myself out of the cold shock.

melissa gayle

That was me freezing on those 27 below nights, that was me you prayed for, to survive throughout the night. That was me you used to serve, from that disaster unit truck, that was me you tried to comfort, in a world full of hurt. My passion is helping the homeless, my pain is seeing us fail, why cant we all get together, and take away this living hell? What happened to being christians, and helping our fellow man? What happened to coming together, to share with the whole world Gods plan? How many more ppl will die on our streets, strickended below poverty? They suffer everyday, they are the face of homelessness. They walk in those worn out shoes. Will they survive? Or die? U choose.

Melissa Gayle gave a spoken word performance of “my story” on December 21, 2011 at a memorial service at Grace Community Church, commemorating National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day 2011.