Helping the homeless, one ninja at a time!

I got the most amazing message through our StreetWatch Facebook page:

“I am the mother of a seven year old boy in Greensboro who has a new mission: to help the homeless in his community. Today was the grand opening of his Etsy Shop, Elliot’s Ninjas: Helping the Homeless one Ninja at a time. He is saving half of all sales to benefit StreetWatch and the Pathways Shelter. Today he has already had his first two sales and is inspired to keep painting ninjas for his mission. I just thought you would like to follow along with his progress. Each week I plan to take him shopping for those needs you have posted on your website and take him to the location where he can give…

This started because Elliot has been wanting to give to the panhandlers he sees in Greensboro when he’s out on the town with me. (We homeschool.) It also happened because one night, while we were eating out at Cafe Europa, he wrapped his leftover bread in a napkin and wanted to give it to a man that we had passed at the library on the way in. We told him that there are so many other ways to give, and that he should think of a different way to help. So this is what he came up with. So far, he had a very good weekend and is exited to keep going.”

From Elliot’s Etsy shop:

“[These] 4 x 4″ watercolor painting[s are part of] a series of ninja themed art by Elliot. Half of the proceeds from [each] sale will benefit the homeless that Elliot sees in his city every day.

Elliot is often out and about in his city and is deeply concerned about the quality of life of the homeless men and women that he sees every day. In his words, ‘this horrifies me.’

Elliot feels called to help by giving. When you purchase a ninja painting, you have helped a homeless person and inspired a child to keep working for the benefit of families and individuals living on the street.”

>> Elliot’s Ninja Art is available for purchase online here. His watercolor paintings sell for $3.00 each.

P.S. I can’t wait to meet Elliot! ♥

Current needs for our ministry to unsheltered homeless people: Please help!

Update: Thanks for the link love, Ed Cone!

Current Needs List: Updated Monday, 11/28/2011 Tuesday, 12-13-2011

Our current needs list (made by homeless people, with help from GPD):

  • blankets (The kind you would want if you lived outside in winter!)
  • sleeping bags
  • firewood (if you can deliver; we’ll go with you; we will continue to have a need for firewood all winter long)
  • air mattresses (twin, full or queen; real mattresses, too, if you can deliver; used is OK; we’ll go with you we now have 3 actual mattresses committed, so at this point we just need air mattresses — thanks!)
  • tarps (to go over tents; need concealment colors only, please — olive green, gray, brown or camo — no blue, orange, bright green, etc.; must be in good shape, no holes)
  • tents — any size, new or used
  • heat sheets (survival blankets; we hear they’re literally life savers!) Continue reading Current needs for our ministry to unsheltered homeless people: Please help!

Merry Christmas from Burrito Bikers

Via email from Hayes Holderness of Greensboro Burrito Bikers:


image credit: Hayes Holderness, Burrito Bikers

Another great morning [Saturday, 12/18/2010]. We served around 60+ people, but had plenty of food due to a number of new volunteers today. So great to see the spirit spread to others. I even had a couple of new guys bike with me (Larry and Andrew).

Don and Shawn and Sarah are very close to getting out of the woods and into housing as of January 1. Many people have helped donate to gifts for Shawn/Sarah’s boys. Lee showed up just for fellowship – didn’t want to take food because he’s inside and has a job, that he’s very proud of. Shorty said he got a settlement on his car lawsuit and plans to put the money to use to help other homeless. Other guys from Winter Emergency shelters showed up to have coffee but didn’t want to take burritos – the homeless look out for each other in this way. Most are very caring and are so appreciative of any caring extended their way…

We also had Christmas music this morning. I took an old boombox and made up some CD’s, both with traditional hymnals as well as popular cheery Christmas songs. People really liked it. A few were singing amonst themselves.

Finally, for those of you who don’t often visit our wiki page, and might think of joining us this Saturday morning, which is Christmas: We will NOT be at our regular spot. There are some churches getting together to sponsor a seated Christmas breakfast at the Methodist Church (302 W Market St) at 9:00 am Christmas morning. So we will take our burritos there and help serve and enjoy the Christmas spirit. Anyone is welcome, and you don’t need to bring anything. Come for as long or as short as you can stay – they expect the whole service, including breakfast, singing, and some gift giving will take a couple of hours.

We’ll be back at [the sidewalk outside Center City] park on New Year’s Day, at 8:00[am].

Merry Christmas to all. :)

Note: I deleted a paragraph about a gift a homeless man made as a surprise for someone. I hope to write about that one later, when I know it’s been delivered.

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