Church Under The Bridge


I see the Lincoln Financial Building from where I stand — in a dirt parking lot, underneath the Eugene Street bridge, near a scrawl of graffiti.

This is church.

Or really, Phil’s church.

He pulls his hair back in a ponytail and often wears his ball cap backward. He’s a big guy with a cat named Ghost.

He lives in a tent near downtown…

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Fox8 video: Helping the homeless in the cold

From Fox8:

“On cold nights, outside is the last place you want to be. For some in Greensboro, they have no other option. Homeless people are bracing for the cold temperatures. Some people will be able to get a spot in the shelters, others will use whatever they can to try to stay warm.

StreetWatch is a volunteer group that does weekly check-ups on homeless individuals and homeless camps set up throughout the city.
“Typically we are the ministry that gives out tents and blankets to people that have no where to stay. Tonight all I have to give out is socks and hats,” explains Kirsten Cassell, with StreetWatch.

Greensboro’s shelters are packed. The Weaver House is able to hold up to 115 people. Alphonzo Lyons is grateful to be staying at the Weaver House.
“Never been homeless, never lived in the streets, always been able to provide for myself,” says Alphonzo Lyons, who’s been at the Weaver House for the past few months.

Some people like David Gaither have already done their allowed days at the shelters. He will spend the night under a trailer.

“I got no choice to be out here. I don’t have anywhere to go,” explains David Gaither, a homeless man in Greensboro.

Groups like Street Watch are doing what they can to bring warmth and make the cold nights a little less dangerous. Since last week’s snow storm the group has been running low on supplies.

If you want to donate or help out with Street Watch you can learn more from their website:…”


Elliot’s Ninjas inspire apartment owner to help homeless families

Remember Elliot and his Ninja art that helps the homeless? First, his story made it into a newspaper, and then he was on the news, talking about the Ninja art he creates and sells to raise money to help homeless people. But now, something even more amazing has happened — an apartment owner who saw Elliot’s story on the news was inspired to help homeless families!

An 8-year-old continues to help homeless; one ninja at a time, his paintings have helped at least 4 homeless families.

News 2 learned about Elliot Hoppins, who paints ninjas and sells ninja t-shirts to help put a stop to homelessness, about two month ago.

“Helping the homeless is a good thing, one ninja at a time,” said Hoppins.

Hoppins even inspired Michael Greco, who owns apartments. Greco purchased a custom ninja painting and offered his complex to several homeless families in the area…

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Elliot, you inspire me! :)